The Stars And Stripes Forever

Arranged by Daniel Fabricius

Grade 5

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Large Percussion Ensemble



This spectacular version of Sousa’s greatest march will be a hit with players and audiences everywhere! Scored for the Binghamton University (NY) Percussion Ensemble, this setting for an ensemble of ten players features a variety of mallet (parts 1-6) and standard percussion instruments (parts 7-10). While the mallet parts are a true orchestration of Sousa’s original, the drum parts have a more contemporary sound. It may be performed with 6 players only by omitting parts 7-10, and the Marimba parts can be played on just two instruments (players 3/4 sharing a 4.3 octave Marimba and players 5/6 sharing a 5/0 octave Marimba). Duration 3:30.

Instrumentation: Vibraphone; Xylophone; Marimba (4 players); Snare Drum; Tom-Toms; Bass Drum; Cymbals

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