String Orchestra Music

The Tradition Expands



Greetings Orchestra Directors!

We are thrilled to present you with our new String Orchestra Music for 2024-2025!

Early String Orchestra Series

Grade ½

      Midnight Snack - George T. Frueh
      Over the Fence - David Hinds

Accent Orchestra Series

Grade 1

      Wind Rhythms - Doug Spata
      Christmas Bingo - Larry Clark

Breakthrough Orchestra Series

Grade 1½

      Asgard - Jeff Frizzi
      Falling into Starlight - Matt Arnett
      The Reel Deal - Mark Lortz
      Trial by Fire - Peter Blair

Voyager Orchestra Series

Grade 2 to 2½

      Wintersongs - Vaughn Williams, arr. Deborah Baker Monday
      Precipice - Matt Arnett
      Tango Rio - David Hinds
      Absolutely Beethoven - arr. Tyler Arcari
      Lia Fáil - Steve Parsons

Concert Orchestra Series

Grade 3 to 3½

      Folksong Sketches - Vaughn Williams, arr. Deborah Baker Monday
      What Lies Beyond - Steve Parsons
      Adagio - Grieg, arr. Caryn Wiegand Neidhold
      Legend of the Chevalier - Clifton Jones
      All Is Calm, All Is Bright - Peter Blair
      Twirling Tarantella - Sanchie Bobrow
      Ariana - Peter Blair