String Orchestra Music

The Tradition Expands



Greetings Orchestra Directors!

We are thrilled to share live professional recordings of our soon-to-be released String Orchestra Music for 2024-2025, all of which will be available this Spring! You will see new pieces from favorite and familiar Kendor composers as well as from new voices in our composer roster. Listen now, and make your choices for the upcoming school year!

Kendor Orchestra Release Notification

Easy String Orchestra Series

Grade ½

      Midnight Snack - George T. Frueh
      Over the Fence - David Hinds

Accent Orchestra Series

Grade 1

      Wind Rhythms - Doug Spata
      Christmas Bingo - Larry Clark

Breakthrough Orchestra Series

Grade 1½

      Asgard - Jeff Frizzi
      Falling into Starlight - Matt Arnett
      The Reel Deal - Mark Lortz
      Trial by Fire - Peter Blair

Voyager Orchestra Series

Grade 2 to 2½

      Wintersongs - Vaughn Williams, arr. Deborah Baker Monday
      Precipice - Matt Arnett
      Tango Rio - David Hinds
      Absolutely Beethoven - arr. Tyler Arcari
      Lia Fáil - Steve Parsons

Concert Orchestra Series

Grade 3 to 3½

      Folksong Sketches - Vaughn Williams, arr. Deborah Baker Monday
      What Lies Beyond - Steve Parsons
      Adagio - Grieg, arr. Caryn Wiegand Neidhold
      Legend of the Chevalier - Clifton Jones
      All is Calm, All is Bright - Peter Blair
      Twirling Tarantella - Sanchie Bobrow
      Ariana - Peter Blair