Jazz Ensemble Music

The Tradition Expands



Welcome Jazz Ensemble Directors!

We are thrilled to share live professional recordings of our soon-to-be released Jazz Ensemble Music for 2024-2025, all of which will be available this Spring! You will see new pieces from favorite and familiar Kendor composers as well as from new voices in our composer roster. Listen now, and make your choices for the upcoming school year!

Kendor Jazz Release Notification

Kendor Jazz Titles

Jazz Quest Series

Grade 1

      Out of Somewhere - Peter Blair
      As Luck Would Have It - Peter Blair

Jazz Gateway Series

Grade 1½

      I Ain't Got Nobody - Kris Berg
      Kickin' the Can - Terry White
      Acapulco Nights - Greg Yasinitsky
      Go, Swing it on the Mountain - Peter Blair

Jazz Trek Series

Grade 2 to 2½

      Covered in Dogs - Greg Yasinitsky
      Mind Over Matters - Kris Berg
      Blackstone Blues - Jeff Jarvis
      Bossa Noel - Clifton Jones
      Maya's Mood - Dave Hanson

Jazz Journey Series

Grade 3 to 3½

      Sioux Center Shuffle - Greg Yasinitsky
      Someone to Watch Over Me - Gershwin, arr. Ellen Rowe
      1-800-Got-Funk - Vince Gassi
      Habanero Hustle - Andrew Lesick
      Later - Craig Skeffington

Jazz Summit Series

Grade 4 & Up

      Fiesta! - Vince Gassi
      Return of the Storm - Jeff Jarvis
      Tofu Cheesecake - Jamie Roth
      Blues for Rebz - Dave Hanson

Sammy Nestico Full Score Editions

Grade 3 - 5

      That Warm Feeling
      Hay Burner
      It’s Oh, So Nice
      Switch In Time
      The Queen Bee
      Magic Flea
      Ya Gotta Try

Jazz Foundations Series

Grade 1

      Prime Time Blues - Doug Beach
      Loose Change - Doug Beach
      Pyramid Power - Doug Beach George Schutack

First Edition Series

Grade 2

      Bubba's Pockets - Doug Beach
      Meet Me at the Taqueria - Doug Beach George Shutack
      A Little Orpheus Swing - Michele Fernández

Threshold Edition Series

Grade 3

      Laid Back Summer - George Shutack
      Circus Song - George Shutack
      This Old Man - Denis DiBlasio
      Creepy-Crawler - Bret Zvacek
      Morning Mood - Mike Tomaro

Jazz Ensemble Series

Grade 4 and Up

      Bring it On - Doug Beach
      Art-istry - Mike Tomaro