Twos By Two

Grade 5.5

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Percussion Duet



This grade 5+ piece is like a conversation between two people. The question is played by player 1 and answered by player 2. Since each player has different drums, like humans, their voices are different – thus a conversation is heard. Sometimes they even speak in unison. Player 1: 4 Toms-Tomss and Snare Drum; Player 2: Bongos, timbales and Snare Drum. Duration ca. 8:00.

Instrumentation: 4 Graduated Tom-Toms/Snare Drum/Snare Drum Sticks & Brushes; Bongos/Timabales/Snare Dru/Snare Drum Sticks/Hard Felt Mallets & Brushes

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Dimensions 12 × 9 × 0.5 in

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