Classics for Flute Quartet

Dedicated to the Long Island Flute Club with special thanks to consulting editor Debra Schild, this collection has been carefully selected and arranged to fit the needs of grade 4 Flute quartets. The optional Alto Flute part can be used in place of the 4th Flute part, making the set equally ideal for Flute quartets and choirs.

Classics for Clarinet Quartet

Chamber music is essential to the development of musicianship. These faithful, accurate transcriptions are completely idiomatic for Clarinet. They include an excellent and varied selection of composers and musical styles for medium-advanced Clarinet quartets.

Classics for Clarinet Quartet (Volume 2)

This second volume offers a wide variety of engaging musical styles to stimulate and challenge student quartets. Books are sold separately; the full score book includes a CD performed by the Potsdam Clarinet Quartet that contains full versions of all 13 titles in this collection as well as those in Volume 1. All tunes have been carefully edited by Alan Woy.

Classics for Trumpet Quartet

Finally, a grade 3-4 Trumpet quartet collection that has interesting and fun parts for all players! All works are suitable for recitals, concerts, and contest. Ten works spanning the Renaissance through ragtime are included.

Classics for Trombone Quartet

This collection of 16 well-known works from the classical repertoire for Trombone quartet are presented here for grade 3-5 groups. This collection was specifically arranged to allow for flexible low brass instrumentation. The 4th part may be played on bass Trombone or Tuba, and the upper three Trombone parts can easily be exchanged for Baritiones (b.c.) to the extent that these could be played solely by a Baritione-Tuba quartet.

Classics for Brass Quintet

This grade 3-5 anthology offers brass quintets a treasure trove of classical repertoire. A complete concert program can be found in this convenient volume and will be a valuable resource for practically any type of performance.