Strike Zone

Grade 3

Jazz Ensemble Conductor Score & Parts


      STRIKE ZONE M1-24
      STRIKE ZONE M57-72
      STRIKE ZONE M73-87


Here’s an effective bright swing piece scored in the popular Count Basie style that is designed to make advancing groups sound their very best. As in many Basie-style works, dynamics and articulations play a key role in any presentation. For optimum results in achieving a tight ensemble sound, the rhythm section sets the pace in the opening moments of the introduction. Since the drummer enters after 24 measures, the guitarist and bass lock tempo with the pianist, giving them the chance to learn self-reliance without the drummer policing the time and groove. The horns will fall easily into place once this feel is established. Each set includes a guitar chord chart by Jim Greeson. Duration 3:15.

Style: Bright Swing

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