Concerto For Timpani And Percussion Ensemble

Grade 6

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Percussion Sextet



Opening with a slow introduction, this challenging showcase for solo Timpani features a variety of traditional and contemporary styles. The middle section is written in a senza misura style with spatial notation for Timpani, followed by a strong maestoso that builds in speed and intensity into the dramatic final bar. Punctuated by five ad lib cadenzas, this established recital standard allows the soloist ample expressive opportunities. Duration 11:30

Instrumentation: Solo Timpani (A, D, E, G); Marimba/Xylophone/Brake Drums; Vibes/Concert Toms/Chimes/Bongos; Bells/Chimes/Bongos; Snare Drum; Bass Drum/Woodblocks/Claves/Gong

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