Moto Perpetuo

Arranged by Arthur Frackenpohl

Grade 6

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Clarinet Quartet



Nicolo Paganini was an Italian virtuoso violinist and composer. He wrote much of his music for his own performances, music so difficult that it was commonly thought that he entered into a pack with the Devil. In performance, Paganini enjoyed playing tricks, like tuning one of his strings a semitone high, or playing the majority of a piece on one string after breaking the other three. He astounded audiences with techniques that included harmonics, double stops, pizzicato with the left as well as the right hand, and near impossible fingerings and bowings. “Moto Perpetuo” is a classic example of a repeated note-pattern maintained throughout a composition. Optional cuts are indicated in this grade 6 arrangement that was penned for the Potsdam Clarinet Quartet. Duration ca. 4:10.

Instrumentation: 3 Bb Clarinets and Bass Clarinet

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