Gates of Valhalla

A Hero's Destiny

Grade 3.5

String Orchestra Conductor Score & Parts


      Gates of Valhalla


This intense grade 3+ work, subtitled A Hero’s Destiny, conjures images of a Viking warrior preparing for battle and seeking glory through his conquests. The opening section features a flowing melodic theme painting a picture of the warrior longing for the days gone by, when love and peace were by his side. The music swiftly transitions the listener to an epic battle with aggressive and almost violent music that paints a picture of an adventurous battle that ultimately gives way to a doomed but honorable fate. The warrior’s only true wish is to enter the gates of Valhalla as a hero destined for immortal glory! Each set includes three copies of the 3rd Violin/Viola T.C. part. Duration 5:15.

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Dimensions 12 × 9 × 1.5 in

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