Maxine Lefever

Maxine Lefever was Professor of Percussion and Assistant Director with the Purdue University Bands for 25 years. She composed 32 published percussion ensembles and has written many articles for national music publications. She served on the MENC foreign travel advisory committee and has lectured often throughout the U.S. on the subjects of percussion performance and musical travel.

Ms. Lefever also served as director of Purdue’s summer band camp was the Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the National Band Association (NBA) for ten years and was Vice President and Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the John Philip Sousa Foundation for 22 years. She also served as chairman of the Sousa National High School Honors Band for twenty years.

In 1971 Maxine founded the American Musical Ambassadors, where she organized and directed European concert band tours for high school students each summer. Maxine is also listed in “Who’s Who In America”.

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