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Welcome Jazz Ensemble Directors!

We are thrilled to share our new Jazz Ensemble Music for 2023-2024, all of which is now available for sale! You will see new pieces from favorite and familiar Kendor composers as well as from new voices in our composer roster. Listen now, and make your choices for the upcoming school year.

Kendor Jazz Titles

Jazz Quest Series - 2023-2024

Grade 1

      Bossa in Cerulean - Peter Blair
      Duke's Groove - Peter Blair

Jazz Gateway Series - 2023-2024

Grade 1.5

      Kansas City Shuffle - Carl Strommen
      A Warm Summer's Night - Terry White
      The Gumshoe - Andrew Lesick
      Swing It! - Anthony Susi
      Follow the Gig Bags - Greg Yasinitsky
      Bossa Doce - Greg Yasinitsky
      Sequential Warm-Ups - Peter Blair

Jazz Trek Series - 2023-2024

Grade 2 to 2.5

      Out of the Blues - Vince Gassi
      We Three Kings Can Swing - Arr. Peter Blair
      Take a Hike - Kris Berg
      Ace of Hearts - Ryan Erik Adamsons
      A Long Way to Go - Ed Gaston
      Power It Up! - Jeff Jarvis

Jazz Journey Series - 2023-2024

Grade 3 to 3.5

      October Rain - Vince Gassi
      Run... - Craig Skeffington
      Still Friends? - Jack Cooper
      Last Fries in the Bag - Jamie Roth
      Varadero Hip - Michele Fernández

Jazz Summit Series - 2023-2024

Grade 4 & Up

      Anthem - Cam McAllister
      Nitro - Jamie Roth

Jazz Foundations Series - 2023-2024

Grade 1

      Filling in for Buddy - Doug Beach
      No Way Out - George Shutack
      A Little Christmas Spirit - Arr. Beach & Shutack

First Edition Series - 2023-2024

Grade 2

      Mister T - George Shutack
      Ulterior Motive - Doug Beach
      Hip Monk Funk - George Shutack

Threshold Edition Series - 2023-2024

Grade 3

      Grandview Groove - Doug Beach
      Intro to Art - Bret Zvacek
      Blueprint - Dave Rivello
      Fast Track Shuffle - Doug Beach

Jazz Ensemble Series - 2023-2024

Grade 4 and Up

      Our Man Dan - Mike Tomaro
      The Neighbor from Naylor - Bryan Carter
      Don't Grow Up...It's a Trap - Denis DiBlasio