Composer Affiliate Information & Registration

Hello Composers. Welcome to the Composer Affiliate Program information page.  We are honored to publish your music, and this new program provides you with an opportunity to receive additional benefits for publishing with us.

The Composer Affiliate Program is designed to incentivize composers on our roster to promote music sales through our websites by offering commissions. How does it work? Once you sign up to be a Composer Affiliate, you will receive a unique URL (link). When you share that link with your friends and followers, and those folks purchase ANY product on the company's websites using your unique URL, you will be paid a commission for referring this customer to us.

This is yet another way Kendor Music Publishing is helping to provide composers with unparalleled support for their music and innovative opportunities to reward composers for something they do already- promote their own music and all of the music we publish.

For additional information and to sign up for the Composer Affiliate Program, please click the link below.

• Composer Affiliate Program Terms of Agreement and Responsibilities

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